Business Accounting, Taxation & Reporting- Job Oriented Coursee

JOT ( Job Oriented training program) is the most demanded course by candidates who are looking to make their career in Accounting & Taxation. This course is featured with lots of training and practice on clients' actual data which gives candidates a very good working knowledge of Tally, Busy accounting, Gst E-filling, E-way bill Preparation, Income tax & Tds e-filling along with strong reporting skills over Microsoft Excel. Duration : 5 to 6 Month Live Classes on Zoom plus Recording

What will you learn

MS Excel with MIS reporting

In this course, you will also learn Microsft excel from beginner to advance level. You will learn various excel tools, functions, and formulas. You will also learn how to prepare MIS Reports through Varios MIS reporting tools available in excel. This module has lots of practice data and exercises to make you confident in excel.

Income Tax & GST E-filing

As to get a good salary, an accountant must have good knowledge of Income Tax, Tds, and GST Provisions and their e-filing. In this course, you will also learn, how to handle Income tax and GST online government Portal. What is the legal provisions and important section in the Taxation system in India? You also learn practical e-filing on Income tax and GST portal, where you will learn about how pay various challan, how to prepare returns like ITR-1 , IT-4, GSTR-1, GSTR 3B, TDS Rertun( Form 24Q & Form 26Q and How to work on e-way bill portal

E-accounting (Tally Prime & Busy Accounting)

In this course, we have included a complete module on how you will do accounting in Accounting software like Tally Prime and Busy accounting software. You learn step-by-step accounting from very basic. To learn at home, we have included lots of Assignments and practice sets of the accounting data, so that, you do more practice to gain your confidence in Tally and Busy accounting software.


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Tally Prime Intro & Maintaining Chart

Tally - Maintaining chart of Accounts & Stock (SKU)

Tally - Fundamentals of Accounts and Voucher

Tally - Recording Day-To-Day Transaction 1
Tally - Recording Day-To-Day Transaction 2

Tally - Accounts Receivable and Payable & MIS

Tally - Record Sales and Purchase Invoice

Tally - Record Discount & Trade Discount Transaction

Tally - Record Debit & Credit Notes

Tally - How to View Tally Prime Report

GST In Tally Prime Class-1
GST Entries in Tally Prime Class-2
GST Adjustment with GST Rule and GST Reports Class-3

Tally - Trading Industries base Accounting 1
Tally - Trading Industries base Accounting 2

Tally - Banking Concepts 1
Tally - Banking Concepts 2

Tally - Service Sector Base Accounting

Tally - Order Base Industries Accounting 1
Tally - Order Base Industries Accounting 2

Tally - Manufacturing Industries Base Accounting 1
Tally - Manufacturing Industries Base Accounting 2

Tally - Job Work Industries Base Accounting 1

Tally - Wholeseller Base Industries Accounting 1
Tally - Wholeseller Base Industries Accounting 2

Tally - Reverse Charge Mechanism Concept (RCM) 1
Tally - Reverse Charge Mechanism Concept (RCM) 2

Tally - Quotation Voucher and Proforma Invoice in Business

Tally - Concepts of Capital Goods

Tally - Concepts of E-Way Bill

Tally - Exports Concepts

Tally - TDS Concepts

TDS Transaction in Tally

TDS Advance Transaction and GST Dealer Types
TDS Advance Transaction and GST Dealer Types-2
TDS Advance Transaction and GST Dealer Types-3

Tally - GST Plus Tds Concepts (Deductee) 1

GST Plus Tds Concepts-2 (Deductor)

Payroll Introduction and how to Enable in Tally Prime

Tally - Sales Advance Configurations

Tally Generate JSON File(IFF) and GST Return Filing
Tally - Generate JSON File(GSTR-3B) & GST Return Filing
Tally - Generate JSON File(GSTR-1) & GST Return Filing

Tally - Balance Sheet Finalization Important Points

Introduction to Busy Accounting Software

Recording Day-To-Day Transaction in Busy 18 with GST

How to make entries for Accounts Receivable and Payable Management, GST and MIS Reports

How to Records additional Charges and Round off(Short and Excess)

Management of Purchase and Sale Order and Quotation

How to Records Bank transaction and Banking Set-up

Reverse Charge Mechanism Transaction

Recording of Capital Goods Class-1
Recording of Capital Goods Class-2

Bill of Material(BOM) Manufacturing Process with GST

Tax Deduction at Source(TDS) and Tax Collection at Source

How to merge Masters and Delete and De-Activate Masters

Learn to remove Expired Stock in Busy

Introduction to Microsoft Excel
Modifying in Excel Book and Sheet
Number Formatting and Paste Special
Working with Basic Formula and Functions
Working with Short and Filter
Custom and Advance Shorting
Excel Different Formulas Session-1
Excel Different formulas Session-2
Excel Tools - Freese Panes and Text to column
Excel V-Lookup and H-lookup

Course Mentors


Experience: 15 yrs.
Training session: 800 Plus
Student trained : FCMA,B.COM(H)
Experties: Cost Accountancy, ROC Compliance, MIS Reporting


Experience: 6 yrs..
Training session: 600 Plus
Student trained :
Experties: Tally & Busy Accounting

Saurabh Sharma

Experience: 7 Years.
Training session: 1000+
Student trained :
Experties: Financial Accounting, Tally Prime and Busy Accounting Software

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Adarsh Mishra - 5/16/2023 5:26:54 PM

I joined this institute from Bihar when I was fresher. I learnt many things like tally, GST, income tax, tds, excel, payroll after completed this course. finally I got job in accounts field in my home town. I appreciated to all teachers of Bharat eduskills.

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