Tax consultant course

This is a unique course to become a Tax consultant in India. In this course, we have added all the necessary learning to start your Tax consultancy business. Through this course, you will be able to gain new clients through Company formation, taking various business and licenses that a business requires in India, and also managing and filing various compliance on a regular basis like GST compliance, Income tax compliance, TDS compliance, PF compliance, ESI compliance. You will also be able to manage the bookkeeping of your clients.

What will you learn

Learn to Manage Monthly and annual compliances

In this course, you will also learn about how to do GST compliance- Filin of GST returns, E-way bill, and e-invoicing. You will learn about filing Income tax returns of salaried persons and business persons. You will be learning about the filing of TDS returns like 24 & 26Q and other compliance in TDS. You will learn about managing PF and ESI compliance and also learn to manage bookkeeping in Tally Prime and Busy accounting software

Learn 15 Types of Registration & License

In this section, you will learn of fifteen different kinds of registration and licenses that a business requires like GST registration for Normal and casual Taxpayers, registration of PAN card, and TAN No. Udyam registration, Provident fund and(PF Registration), ESI Registration, Trademark registration, GEM registration, FSSAI Registration, FSSAI State License, Import export code.

Learn 8 Types of Company Formation

In this course, You will learn 8 Types of company formation like Private limited company registration, OPC private limited registration, Section-8 company registration, Limited company registration, Nidhi company registration, Limited liability partnership formation, Partnership through deed formation, Trust formation and society formation.


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In this section, you will learn about complete Documentation and the Online e-filing process on how to Incorporate a Private limited company, a One-person private limited company, a Section-8 company, a limited company, a Producer company and a Nidhi

Reservation for Name of Company through Spice Part A
Filing of SPICE Part A and Spice Part-B
Filing of Agile Pro, E-MOA and E-AOA and INC-9
Signing of Forms, Upload and fees payment

Legal aspect of OPC, Filing of E-AOA and E-MOA and INC-9
OPC-Name Reservation, Spice Part-B & Agile Pro

legal Aspect of Section-8 Incorporation, Name reservation and SPICE Part-B

Legal aspect and Drafting of Documents
Reservation of Name of LLP and Filing of Formation Form-FILIP

Application of a TAN for Individual, Firm & Company

Documents Requirement Under GST
GST Registration of a Proprietorship Firm
Gst Registration of a partnership firm or company

Legal aspect of Udyam registration- MSME
Udyam (Msme) registration of firm or company
Migration and Updation of Udyam Registration

Registration of Employee provident fund (EPF) form firm & company

Trademark registration as individual
Trademark registration Class-2

Registration under GEM

Registration of FSSAI
FSSAI Sate License Registration

Understanding of GST Laws and Input Tax credit
Understanding of Output Tax and Input Tax
GST Taxes and Ledgers
Input tax credit , 2A and 2B
Provision relating to Exports & filing of LUT
Reconciliation of Tax liability

Gst Portal Overview and Pre-login option
How to use search taxpayer Tool

Registration under Goods and service Tax
Amendment in GST Registration

How to Pay GST Challan
Understanding of GSTR-1 Return
Understanding of GSTR-1 Session-2
e-fling of GSTR-1
E-filing of IFF-Invoice Furnishing Facility
Understanding of GSTR 3B Return

Understanding of E-way bill Portal
Registration on E-way Bill Portal
Generation of e-way bill on portal

Filing of Refund under GST Rules and provisions

Understanding of Income Tax Basic
Income Tax Portal Overview and ITR-1 Overview

Filing of ITR-1 Based on Form 16

Legal Concept- Understanding of TDS Section and Provision
Type of Return and its Due Dates
Late fees, interest and penalty

Computation of TDS return Sheet for Return of Salaried Person
Computation of TDS return Sheet for Return of Non-Salaried Person
Payment of CHALLAN NO.281- by Company or Non Company Deductee

Understanding of Return Prepare Utility 4.2
Preparing of Return form 24Q- TDs return of Salaried Person
Preparing of Return form 26Q- TDs return of Other than Salaried

Revision of TDS Return form 24Q
Revision of TDS Return form 26Q
Correction of Challan Paid

Generation of Form-16
Downloading of Form-16
Generation of Form-16A
Downloading of Form-16A

Payroll Introduction for EPFO & ESIC
Different Labor Laws for EPFO & ESIC

Introduction to EPF and Registration Portal Class-1
Introduction to EPF and Registration Portal Class-2

Generation of A New UAN number of New Employee in case of Provident fund
Addition an removal of employee records
Preparation of Return Data for filing of PF return Monthly & Making payment of Challan
Filling Return, KYC Approval, DSC Registration

Registration under Employee State Insurance(ESI)

Generation of New Insurance Number
Preparation of Return Data for filing of ESI return, Addition an removal of members records

Tally Prime Intro & Maintaining Chart

Tally - Maintaining chart of Accounts & Stock (SKU)

Tally - Fundamentals of Accounts and Voucher

Tally - Recording Day-To-Day Transaction 1
Tally - Recording Day-To-Day Transaction 2

Tally - Accounts Receivable and Payable & MIS

Tally - Record Sales and Purchase Invoice

Tally - Record Discount & Trade Discount Transaction

Tally - Record Debit & Credit Notes

Tally - How to View Tally Prime Report

GST In Tally Prime Class-1
GST Entries in Tally Prime Class-2
GST Adjustment with GST Rule and GST Reports Class-3

Tally - Trading Industries base Accounting 1
Tally - Trading Industries base Accounting 2

Tally - Banking Concepts 1
Tally - Banking Concepts 2

Tally - Service Sector Base Accounting

Tally - Order Base Industries Accounting 1
Tally - Order Base Industries Accounting 2

Tally - Manufacturing Industries Base Accounting 1
Tally - Manufacturing Industries Base Accounting 2

Tally - Job Work Industries Base Accounting 1
Tally - Job Work Industries Base Accounting 2

Tally - Wholeseller Base Industries Accounting 1
Tally - Wholeseller Base Industries Accounting 2

Tally - Reverse Charge Mechanism Concept (RCM) 1
Tally - Reverse Charge Mechanism Concept (RCM) 2

Tally - Quotation Voucher and Proforma Invoice in Business

Tally - Concepts of Capital Goods

Tally - Concepts of E-Way Bill

Tally - Exports Concepts

Tally - TDS Concepts
Tally - TDS Transaction
Tally - TDS Advance Transaction & GST Dealer Types 1
Tally - TDS Advance Transaction & GST Dealer Types 2
Tally - TDS Advance Transaction & GST Dealer Types 3

Tally - GST Plus Tds Concepts (Deductee) 1
Tally - GST Plus Tds Concepts (Deductee) 2

Tally - TCS Concepts
Tally - TCS on Sale of Goods

Tally - Sales Advance Configurations

Tally - Maintain Multi Address of Party Ledgers

Tally Generate JSON File(IFF) and GST Return Filing
Tally - Generate JSON File(GSTR-3B) & GST Return Filing
Tally - Generate JSON File(GSTR-1) & GST Return Filing

Tally - Balance Sheet Finalization Important Points

Introduction to Busy Accounting Software

Recording Day-To-Day Transaction in Busy 18 with GST

How to make entries for Accounts Receivable and Payable Management, GST and MIS Reports

How to Records additional Charges and Round off(Short and Excess)

Management of Purchase and Sale Order and Quotation

How to Records Bank transaction and Banking Set-up

Reverse Charge Mechanism Transaction

Recording of Capital Goods Class-1
Recording of Capital Goods Class-2

Bill of Material(BOM) Manufacturing Process with GST

Tax Deduction at Source(TDS) and Tax Collection at Source

How to merge Masters and Delete and De-Activate Masters

Learn to remove Expired Stock in Busy

Course Mentors


Experience: 15 yrs.
Training session: 800 Plus
Student trained : FCMA,B.COM(H)
Experties: Cost Accountancy, ROC Compliance, MIS Reporting

Saurabh Sharma

Experience: 7 Years.
Training session: 1000+
Student trained :
Experties: Financial Accounting, Tally Prime and Busy Accounting Software

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